About queri

What is queri?

queri is a decentralized question and answer (QA) platform built on EOS.IO where users can add financial rewards to questions, connect one-on-one for personal help, and earn cryptocurrency for sharing knowledge.


Better Answers

Users are financially incentivized to answer questions, creating faster and higher quality knowledge exchange.


Earn Cryptocurrency

Earning QRI is as simple as signing up and answering questions, and with no fees or commissions, you get paid more.


Built on EOS.IO

The EOS.IO blockchain enables zero-fee, lightning-fast, and secure payments. Integration with IPFS means your data is truly decentralized.


Online Knowledge Exchange
is the future

The internet has revolutionized how we get information. Knowledge exchanges such as Quora and StackOverflow make it incredibly easy to learn about coding, finance, languages, and many other topics online. It's the modern way to get problems solved and all that's needed is an internet connection. What you know comes from who you know, and with queri, you know the world.


This is Information Sharing 2.0

On existing knowledge exchange platforms, there are no financial incentives to answer questions quickly and reliably. Good will is the primary driver, and reputation points are the only reward.

On average, it takes 5 days to get a response on StackOverflow and 8 days to get a response on Quora. queri changes the game by allowing people to add rewards to questions in order to speed up response time and incentivize quality.


The Need For Blockchain

Making financial incentives work on a large-scale network has not been solvable in the past. It requires fast payments that have zero fees and work seamlessly between borders. Building queri on a blockchain allows us to solve issues that were formerly impossible with fiat currencies.

The queri Platform

Better answers, one-on-one help, and zero fees.


queri Community

Users can receive help from the community by posting a question and staking QRI tokens as the reward for the best answer.


queri Direct

Users can receive one-on-one help from an expert and pay seamlessly with QRI tokens.


queri Instant

Users can receive instant help through an on-demand service similar to Uber’s matchmaking.


With help from our growing team, contributors, and investors, these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

Meet The Team

Jon Hurwitz
Project Lead Queri Co-Founder

    Jon worked at Apple in R&D on the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch. Previously, he wrote code at Tesla that helps power Model S and X. He holds a BS in electrical engineering and computer science from UCLA. He also has an MS in computer science at UCLA, specializing in AI and machine learning.

Ramanan Sivasundaram
Tech Lead Queri Co-Founder

    Ram is a full-stack developer with both blockchain and computer networking experience. In addition to research in computer architecture, he has developed and deployed a Solidity smart contract to the Ethereum Testnet. He also graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in computer science, specializing in software engineering.

Victor Wu
Product Lead Queri Co-Founder

    Victor has experience in finance where he supported the sales and marketing team at a fortune 500 tech company. He also has experience in product management, marketing, and design. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics.

Ricky Horwitz

    Ricky is a venture capital associate at JUMP Investors where he focuses on investing in and advising blockchain and consumer technologies. Ricky graduated from UCLA and studied economics and political science.